Sunday, March 1, 2009



Dennis Mitchel burnt OUR 3rd Holy Mosque,Masjidil Aqsa……(21 august 1969)

The fire was BIG!!!

Its has burnt the walls and the huge pulpit (Solahudden’s Pulpit )….
As if it will burn the whole mosque!!

EVEN THE FIRE BRIGADES REFUSED TO HELP….though the station is very near to the mosque……

AT last, the muslimin’s managed to EXTINGUISHED the fire…With ALLAH’S help, they saved OUR Masjidil Aqsa that historical day….

After that, the Zionists, charged Mitchel in a tribunal; For trying to burn Masjidil Aqsa…

Sadly, the trial was not meant to seek justice, but is was being planned to conceal the truth from the eyes of MUSLIMEEN…

They rested the case by simply saying that Michael is insane, therefore he is not guilty!!!
As a result, nobody was responsible for the crime….the PUZZLE was left uncompleted.

Consequently, Muslims worldwide STOOD UP to defend their holy mosque..

Muslims voiced out their DISSATISFACTION loudly.
They criticized the unjust, opprobrious and contemptible actions over the important case..

And since that day,21st August every year has been know as World Remembrance of AL-QUDS Day….

The day which is VERY SIGNIFICANT in the heart and mind of every muslim….

the day that will always remind the Muslims that the noble struggle to return the holy land to its real owners shall continues….

…the day when Zionists have not only burnt OUR holy mosque, but also our hearts to stand tall and united…to bring peace to the blessed land again…

….the day that marked our noble promise to ALLAH that ALL OF US shall continue to strive with all our hearts for the liberation of Palestine…..

ALLAH had promised that Al-Aqsa will be at peace again… the winter will come end, and the promised spring will surely come…

But, WHERE ARE WE ON THAT DAY? Either to be with those who joyfully celebrate the meaningful victory or with those who regret for not joining the team and decided to left behind….it’s your choice!!

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